Amanda is amazing!!! Our wedding pictures were absolutely stunning! She made us laugh and made me feel comfortable even though I hate getting my pictures taken. || Lindsey 8.13.16 ||

It's The Connection that Hooks Us


When I go to make coffee/tea there are a thousand coffee mugs in my cupboard. Only a handful that I would actually want to drink out of... today my normal two were both dirty and it got me thinking: it's a cup. Why does it matter? 

And all I can narrow it down to is the connection. Any photog could be your photog. When you look at your pictures, and you didn't really love your photog, are you going to already have a half-hearted feeling about them, not because you don't love the picture but simply because you didn't love the experience of it. 

I have a favorite cup in the back of the cupboard, which I love so much that I don't use it because I'm scared it will break (I may or may not have stolen it from my dad because it reminds me of him).  Today I used it. So Today started perfectly.   

The moral of this semi-caffinated story is... the connection matters.  Don't ruin your day with a meh coffee cup, or a meh connection with your photog.  Never settle for something that doesn't make your heart happy.