Amanda is amazing!!! Our wedding pictures were absolutely stunning! She made us laugh and made me feel comfortable even though I hate getting my pictures taken. || Lindsey 8.13.16 ||

SPOTLIGHT on this Happiness Shoot || Lewiston Photographer

"She HATES having her picture taken.  And being the center of attention,"  her mom told me when we met about the upcoming wedding.  

I wish I had kept track of how many people start their stories out by telling me that.  It's really fun to have people who like to have their picture taken but in the nearly 10 years I've been shooting I can count how many clients I've had that do on my fingers.  I work from home 5-7 days of the week and my "co-workers" don't speak back to me in human language. So when I'm actually with people who talk back to me it's WAY easier to have a conversation.  I don't think of shoots as work so much as socialization ;)  I love to spend engagement shoots getting to know who I'm documenting, which means yes we will take pictures but mostly of you telling me your story.  

When I met Bekah + Matt + Isla I was instantly in love.  They are an amazing family.  Every conversation and reaction is calm & easy.  These people who don't like to be photographed are my people :D  I cannot wait for their wedding and to see little Isla in her dress!!! 



Are you engaged?  Do you want to take fun pictures without feeling like your being photographed... I would love to meet you!  Email me at for information and availability.