HeartsFoto is a wedding + portrait photography company. We love all the natural light, the outdoors and the love. Most importantly the love.


A picture is worth a thousand words - and it would take thousands and thousands of words to adequately describe working with Amanda and truly do justice for the quality of her pictures, involvement, and attitude. I could go on and on about how her pictures are FANTASTIC and GORGEOUS, from the lighting to the shots to the editing, but what I think is really important is how she carries herself and her interactions with us. For those that don't know, at your wedding you will probably spend more time with your photographer than anyone else (except maybe your spouse). What kind of person do you want taking your pictures? She is professional, kind, interactive, easy to talk to, and remarkably helpful. If you want a photographer that takes world class photos and feels like a true friend on your big day, there is NO other choice than Amanda and HeartsFoto! Thank you so much! -Samuel 6.22.18