Amanda is amazing!!! Our wedding pictures were absolutely stunning! She made us laugh and made me feel comfortable even though I hate getting my pictures taken. || Lindsey 8.13.16 ||

Happy New Years!

I've taken a two week hiatus on life.  Close to no computer or social media, and almost no actual socializing.  This year has been the most amazing year in my career.  It has also been the busiest and I felt that two weeks of reclusive behaviors would help me rejuvenate all my brain cells for the beginning of what will be another perfect year!  Here it is 2017!!! I can't wait to get to know you better!

What's this years resolutions look like for you? Mine is to actually blog.  So here I am... blogging ;) First I will be going back over 2016 and blogging all of the amazing shoots + weddings I did and loved but never shared more than a pic or two.  

What I would really like to share today is that we have another associate joining our amazing team.  Holley is going to be lead shooting as well as Katy.  They are a great team together and separately.  Holley has a very fashion editorial feel to her work, which is so different from Katy and my more candid work.  This diversity is what makes her a huge asset to our team.  We love both styles and are so excited to incorporate her and her beautiful style into HeartsFoto.