Amanda is amazing!!! Our wedding pictures were absolutely stunning! She made us laugh and made me feel comfortable even though I hate getting my pictures taken. || Lindsey 8.13.16 ||

Photoging for Fabulous Friends

Stored in my phone as Katie-Boss-Lady because she was once (and sometimes still is) my boss.  Then we became friends.  Then I became her family photog. 

I don't know if it's just me... but photoging for my friends provides different challenges that per-say the clients who I've only just met.  The kids already know me so I'm less intimidating to them, which also makes it easier for them to say, "Meh. I'm done taking pictures."  And it happens sometimes.  Or the kids who have all the ideas, "HEY. Get me climbing this tree. OHHHH look I can do a metatation pose."  You can't ever know what you're going to get with kiddos.  They are so free and aren't going to fake being happy if they just had a crappy day, or slow down just because you are so much slower than them.  It's magical to be a kid and that's always what I want to capture.  

Stop me if this isn't true, but prob 90% of the kids I come across I wouldn't judge by gender or age, I pretty much have them pegged by oldest child, youngest child, somewhere in the middle. So as the youngest sassiest kids come of age they are always my wild card.  And I'm always praying on my way to the shoot, "UNIVERSE PLEASE LET IT BE A GOOD DAY FOR _______ SO THEY WANT TO SMILE AND LAUGH TODAY!!!"  

This shoot with my bosses' kids the prayer paid off (insert emoji with the two hands in a hallelujah).  Love these kids.  All their ideas.  Their wild faces and calm poses.  And their mum!!!